Dealing With a Gym Floor Flood

June 1, 2009 Athletic Business Magazine

Water is the mortal enemy of wood, and it doesn’t take an act of God to put wood floors to the ultimate test — vandals messing with the cuspidor or an errant ball setting off a fire alarm are just as effective in soaking a gym. If you get to work and find it submerged, what can you do besides reach for your wading boots? Take these five steps:

  • Locate and shut off the water source.
  • Use a wet vacuum to remove all standing water. Expect that flooring will rise off the subfloor and cup (peak at the seams).
  • Remove molding at walls nearest and farthest from the damaged area and vent warm, dry air into the expansion space at the side of the room farthest from the damaged area.
  • Let fans run for three or four days.
  • Turn the heat on in the building.
  • Call the flooring manufacturer or consult a wood floor professional about replacement of damaged boards.