Sport Floor Daily Maintenance

Daily Floor Cleaning Maintenance

Tack Cleaning

Dry-dust mop with microfiber mops regularly.

For wet-tacking, combine a diluted solution of Half-Time floor cleaner with the Tac-Tite Speed Mop. Half Time floor cleaner is an excellent choice for streak-free routine cleaning of body oils, perspiration saliva, and  foodstuffs.

Soak the Tac-Tite Speed Mop heads in a 1 part cleaner to 5 parts water use-solution.

Using a bucket and wringer that will accommodate them, wring them out until damp. Place the damp head on the floor and apply the Speed Mop frame with handle.

Push up and down the court.  Rotate the heads every 4 passes.  Continue rinsing the heads out as you move across the floor

Clean the entire floor using a clean, damp towel as needed.