How To Keep Gym/Sports Floors Clean

Entrance Matting

The first line of defense in keeping outside dust and dirt particulates from reaching your gym or sport floor is the use of walk-off mats. Gym Floor Resource recommends a mat that will trap dirt and absorb moisture brought in by foot traffic. Preventive maintenance should occur outside the building as well. At least 75% of soil in any building is tracked in. Keep outside hallways and building entrance ways clean to reduce soil from migrating into the building.

Dust Mopping Dust Defender Microfiber Gym Mop

The least costly and most effective tool in gym and sport floor care is the dust mop. Newer technologies such as the Dust Defender™ microfiber gym dust mop have proven to be more effective in removing fine airborne dust and dirt particulates that can actually abrade, wear, and dull the gloss and protective coating from your sport floor.

Quality microfiber dusts mops work on a basic principal of static electricity and do not need to be treated with messy add-on chemicals. Although overlooked as a simple means of removing dust, dust mopping a floor has proven itself to be very effective in keeping floors clean. However, be advised that dust mopping should be performed at least daily and 3-4 times a day with extreme traffic and sport related activity.

Tacking and Damp Mopping

This procedure removes soda and foodstuff spills, body oils, perspiration, and saliva from the floor. Gym Floor Resource recommends damp tacking or mopping with the tools that will allow you to wipe up yet not soak your wood sport floor. See below.

Court Clean Gym MopTac-Tite Speed Mop