Why Use a Gym Floor Cover?

Extending the life of a gym floor is important no matter what sport is played on it. Therefore, covering up the floor when holding non-athletic events is critical. Whether it’s a concert, dance or graduation having a cover over the floor not only reduces the maintenance the floor will need, but also extends its life.

Three things are important to consider when choosing a cover for your floor: the kinds of events that will take place, how often the event will take place, and your budget. Covers can get worn, so the more frequently you plan on using your cover, the more you should consider aspects like withstanding wear and tear and acquiring a warranty when choosing your cover.

The last factor to consider when choosing a cover is the color. Covers come in many different colors. This feature can allow schools to show their spirit by selecting their school’s colors, or a more polished look can be taken by matching the color of the floor.