24″ Tac-Tite Microfiber Mop System


  • Dust and Damp Combination System
  • Reduce Slippery Sport Floors
  • Easy to use
  • Use to clean and disinfect wrestling mats

How fast can you clean your gym floor?

Slippery sport floors? Looking for a fast and efficient way to clean and extend the life of your floors? Look no further! The Tac-Tite Speed Mop System is what your looking for and comes with:

  • 1-60″ Quick Snap Handle
  • 1-Heavy Duty Gym Cleaning Mop Frame
  • 2-Looped Microfiber Dust Mop Head
  • 2-Microfiber Damp Mop Head
  • 1-Mesh Laundry Bag

The microfiber heads are attached to the frame with Velcro for easy attachment and removal. Tac-Tite Microfiber heads can be laundered easily.

Use in combination with our Tac-Tite Neutral Sport Floor Cleaner to provide your floors with a clean, non-slip surface in the same amount of time it takes you to dust mop while removing soil which dust mopping alone may leave behind. Nothing could be easier or faster.

This tool is used to quickly dust mop and damp tack your floor before competitive play.


Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 64.00 × 7.00 × 7.00 in