Bleacher Walkway Mats


  • Direct spectator foot traffic off the floor
  • Holds street shoe dust and dirt on the mat surface
  • Helps keep wood sports courts dry and free of addtional dust
  • Lightweight and easy to roll out and roll up for storage
  • Available in most common sizes and custom rolls

Offers more dirt and moisture protection for your gym floor in front of the bleachers……Keep sport event spectator shoe dirt off your athletic floors.  Our bleacher walkway matting is easier to manage when rolled.

It’s hard enough to keep the basketball & volley ball court clean and dry.  Add spectators to the mix and you’ll have all the outside dust and dirt fro the parking lot, and out halls trekking through to the gym floor. 
That’s why we developed a mat system this specifically designed for rolling out in front of the bleachers.  Bleacher Walkway Mats will help keep the foot traffic and street shoe dirt off the floor.  Heavy-duty enough to protect the wood gym floor, but light enough to roll-up and store when not in use. 
Materials: 50% Recycled needle puched PET yarn for dirt, dust and moisture absorption.
Overall Thickness: 1/4"  Stock and Roll Sizes that can be custom cut at the factory or on-site.
They also help divert and direct spectator traffic.  Just roll them out in the entrance way traffic patterns and long the 1st tier of bleacher seating.  Available in standard cut sizes and rolls. The 50 Mil vinyl backing adds the necessary weight to the mats to keep them in place without having to tape them to the floor.
Available Color: Neutral Charcoal
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