Hoop Clean Start-Up Kit


Introducing the HoopClean Start-Up Kit

A comprehensive package containing all the essential accessories to complement your HoopClean Backboard Cleaner (Sold Separately) and maintain spotless backboards and optimal playing conditions.

The HoopClean Start-Up Kit includes:

1. 16oz. Squeegee Off Concentrated Glass Cleaner: This powerful glass cleaner is perfect for tackling stubborn stains and dirt on your backboards, leaving them crystal clear and gleaming.

2. 3gal. Super Compact Bucket with Lid: A durable and convenient 3-gallon bucket with a lid, providing ample space to mix your cleaning solution and carry it easily to the court.

3. 6ft Courtclean Towel: A specially designed 6-foot Courtclean Towel, strategically placed under the basket to catch any water or drips that may fall onto the court during the cleaning process.

4. 16oz. Spray Bottle: The spray bottle allows for easy application of the Squeegee Off Concentrated Glass Cleaner, ensuring precise and effective cleaning.

Using the HoopClean Start-Up Kit is simple and efficient. Mix two tablespoons of the concentrated Squeegee Off with one gallon of water in the 3-gallon bucket. Apply the solution to the backboards using the spray bottle and the Courtclean Towel to catch any excess water.

With the HoopClean Start-Up Kit, you’ll have all the necessary tools at your disposal to keep your backboards immaculate and provide players with an optimal playing experience.

Weight 6 lbs