6′ CourtClean Unit


  • The CourtClean Unit allows you to clean all types of athletic floors
  • Clean large athletic and gym floor surfaces quickly and easily
  • Absorb and pick-up dust, dirt, body oils and perspiration
  • Available in 6 foot length

CourtClean gym athletic sportc surface cleanerClean Sport Floors Quickly

The CourtClean® Unit will quickly clean large amounts of sport floor real-estate. Just soak and wring out the CourtClean® towels with our famous Tac-Tite Neutral Sport Floor Cleaner. Remove body oils, and perspiration from the floor. When used with an EPA registered disinfectant you can also clean and disinfect wrestling mats too!

  • Clean Dirty Gym Floors Fast
  • Increase Sport Shoe Traction
  • Remove Dirt, Grit & Spills
  • Comes with 1 washable custom 100% terry cloth towel
  • 6ft model  is redesigned and constructed of durable low-density polyethylene

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Weight 30.00 lbs
Dimensions 75.00 × 9.00 × 5.00 in