Duo-Bucket & Wringer System for Courtclean Towels.


  • Ideal double bucket system for CourtClean towels
  • High capacity solution for wringing out large CourtClean towels
  • Inreases productivity when cleaning your gym floor
  • Reduce gym floor dry time

Gym and Athletic Floor Cleaning-Large Double Bucket and Wringer System

Works great with the CourtClean Unit

No more bulky towel wringing with your hands

Separates gym floor cleaning solution from rinse water

  • 2 large 6.5 gallon double buckets (1 for clean water; 1 for wrung out dirty water)
  • Open bottom wringer – will accomodate large gym floor cleaning towels
  • Stop spreading dirt on your clean floor
  • Ability to wring large bulky towels more effectively
  • Controls cleaning chemical usage and saves time
  1. Simply dip a Cleaning Towel into clean solution bucket.
  2. Wring out into Red Bucket & apply towel to the unit, pull up and down the floor.
  3. After towel fills up with dirt and debris, rinse towel in Red Bucket Wring out soil.
  4. Repeat process.

Directions for Use

Weight 21.00 lbs
Dimensions 30.00 × 17.00 × 22.00 in